How do you ensure building up your child's immunity especially during growth phase?

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Updated on Aug 31, 2018

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Firstly baby’s immune system is still developing and in addition there are numerous infection causing viruses all around. So catching infection is very easy. Plus as baby starts moving, chances are he will be putting everything in mouth and that can further increase the risk. Changes in environmental temperatures, like from summer to rainy and then to winter further increases the risk. To boost baby's immunity, we have to look at, 1. Boosting immunity internally by focusing on Healthy foods- Foods rich in Healthy fats like Omega 3, proteins, Iron, Zinc, and Vitamins like Vitamin A, D, C are the major contributors. Breast milk is one of the richest source of all these nutrients plus in addition contains, Immunity boosting substances like Immunoglobulins. Hence Breast feeding upto 1 year will help to build up baby's immune system. In addition from 6 months, including foods like, coloured fruits and veggies, Beans, dals, egg, meat, grains like oats, ragi etc will also make baby strong internally. 2. Secondly, Baby' surroundings should be kept clean. If baby is exposed to dust, pets and smoke particularly cigarette smoke, it can increase the risk of getting infection. Make sure that baby is kept away from sick people, also friends or relatives visiting baby should wash hands before picking up the baby. 3.Babies put on various antibiotics can also weaken their immune system. During and after the course, check with your doctor on starting Probiotic supplements, which will keep his gut strong. Lastly at the same time make sure his Iron and Vitamin D levels are also testedKindly check on all these to reduce cold attacks in baby.

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