How shall I maintain my baby discipline n good manner n to take my words n she is very arrogant she never take my words which I tell her to do please help me how to treat my child to being arrogant n how to teach her good manner which I need my child to be and how to communicate with my child and how to treat her I won't to b a friendly mother with please give respond for my question And I won't her to be successful in her life and I won't her to handle her Mickey which I can't do I won't to give her good things n and I won't my child to b perfect baby n not to b and arrogant child iand I won't her to teach good habit n to b friendly with percents and to take her father words and a respectful child which we want and learned good things and to achieved everything in life And a avoid daughter which I won't and I really don't like when she become arrogant for something she must understand the thing which we tell her and she must understand our problems which we tells her and to b a loving and carrying daughter we love her so much only the thing is that some time she becomes rude and arrogant with us and she is good in activities n and studies help us how to improve our child and how to communicate with parents thanks

Created by Deepa Rai
Updated on Jan 23, 2018

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