how to control my 16 month old daughter stubborn nature

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Updated on Jul 30, 2018

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It is part of her growing up. She is just learning about herself and surroundings. Hence she wants to explore. This is the age of exploration and curiosity. She will learn to say No to everything. It is ok. Do not take it personally. She is becoming independent. You have to be very patient for another one year. Enjoy her journey. Be supportive and encouraging. Offer Choices to her. Let her decide. For eg will you wear this dress or the other. Let her choose. Give minimal choices. But it will make her feel important. This will empower her in future too. Talk to her a lot. Keepguiding on how to behave. She will not understand the concept of disobeying. So as parents we have to be consistent and constant in reminding. Use a calm tone. Aggressive behaviour will not work. Please do read this blog for some handy inputs. I hope this helps.

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