how to deal with 7yrs daughter. she is bit emotional, sensitive. if I tell her to do some work. she doesn't like to do. and irritates quickly. cries on small small things. how to deal with her such behaviour?

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Updated on Apr 01, 2017

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’ do this..’ , give her a choice: ,’ Will you do this now or after 30 minutes? ‘ When you give her the options she will choose. This gives her control over her activities. ‘I would like you to clean your table so would you do it now or after dinner? ‘ When we force them to do somethings at this age it is natural to resist. Please do not take it personally. She is not disobeying you rather she is trying to mind her own mind. So please be patient and be gentle in your tone. Find out which activities or tasks she likes to do and allow her to do them. Praise her when she does them well. This will motivate.

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