How to educate our children for preparing ISO exams which is new for them.

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Updated on Aug 09, 2017

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Here are few tips - 1. Help your child with the question papers and answer keys to the last 5 years. Encourage him to take those regularly - say once every week, and help him improve each time by looking at the solutions in case he is unable to get them right in the mock test. 2. Help him with some thumb rules, and to be able to eliminate choices 3. Don't let him come under pressure, make it playful and fun 4. Encourage him all the way All the best and do keep us posted. There are online sites and books available for such preparation. Ensure he does daily revision of topics. There are interactive worksheets available online on varied topics. Allot proper study time table. Practise some past papers for time management and familiarity of format. All the best I hope this helps.

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