how to engage my 2 year old in various activities other than TV and phone ??? what r other indoor options to keep her busy in summers???

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Updated on May 08, 2017

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Phones are not to be given at all it interferes with their quality of sleep and in turn cognitive development. This is the age for unstructured play like make believe play. Colouring or scribbling by placing charts and newspapers around her. Big and light things like cardboard boxes, buckets or blow-up balls can encourage your child to run, build, push or drag , crawl under a table etc. Chalk, rope, music or containers can encourage jumping, kicking, stomping, stepping and running. Hoops, boxes, large rocks or pillows are good for climbing on, balancing, twisting, swaying or rolling. Use old utensils for her to play with. A sand tray to play with sand Instead of sand you can use rice or pulses Balls of different textures. Stacking toys Music and rhymes

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