how to engage my 9 month old baby.. ??

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Updated on Jan 21, 2019

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Hi DGS, Look at the following types at this stage - 1. Music &rhythm - toys which are musical , Toys which have rhymes 2. Learning toys with various shapes like circle, stars, triangles 3. Building Blocks 4. Stacking toys, one ring over the other and similar ones 5. Teething toys 6. Balls of various texture 7. Push and pull toys. Talk to him a lot. Sing to him. Playing indoors andtaking him outdoors is important. So do take him on little walks to the park. He will also enjoy peekaboo. Tell him little stories. Read out to him. Show him pictures. Each of these to be done for just 5-7 minutes as he can’t holf attention. Do not worry about him understanding the story. It is about him getting used to the routine.

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