How to handle a child who is very stubborn n not ready to listen to her parents? My child either throws things or hits us back when she doesn’t get what she wants/ likes n starts crying. She irritates me by doing things which I tell her not to do like putting things into her mouth or tearing papers n doesn’t show interest in coloring too. I try to hold her hand n talk to her but she’s not ready to hear/ listen so I get upset with her behavior n beat her at times. Also, she fusses to comb her hair n delays me in getting her ready to school. She doesn’t let me cut her nails, doesn’t like to have her medication at times n takes more than an hour to have her meal. She watches YouTube videos n only then has her meal not otherwise. My husband doesn’t help me out n says u got to handle her all by yourself as a mother n ask God for guidance. He goes for work n lays the whole responsibility on me being a housewife. Sometimes, I loose my temper on her. I know it’s wrong but how do I handle n overcome such situations. Please help!!

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