How to handle a child who is very stubborn n not ready to listen to her parents? My child either throws things or hits us back when she doesn’t get what she wants/ likes n starts crying. She irritates me by doing things which I tell her not to do like putting things into her mouth or tearing papers n doesn’t show interest in coloring too. I try to hold her hand n talk to her but she’s not ready to hear/ listen so I get upset with her behavior n beat her at times. Also, she fusses to comb her hair n delays me in getting her ready to school. She doesn’t let me cut her nails, doesn’t like to have her medication at times n takes more than an hour to have her meal. She watches YouTube videos n only then has her meal not otherwise. My husband doesn’t help me out n says u got to handle her all by yourself as a mother n ask God for guidance. He goes for work n lays the whole responsibility on me being a housewife. Sometimes, I loose my temper on her. I know it’s wrong but how do I handle n overcome such situations. Please help!!

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Updated on Feb 19, 2018

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first and foremost, you need to calm down. it is completely ok to lose your cool on your child. there is nothing wrong with but yes there has to be a limit. and you need to set it for yourself. I can understand your situation as I also lose it sometimes. but by beating her up and screaming at her again and again, you are only going to add to her behavior. the more you do it, the more she will think it is ok to throw a tantrum. talk to her patiently. and if she is crying and throwing things around, let her do it. let her go through that phase. let her cry it out. of course, supervise that she does not hurt herself and others. and when she is at school, please do something interesting with your time. read a book, go meet your friends, go to the parlour, pursue any of ur hobbies that might have taken a backseat due to the baby such as painting, knitting etc. when you are happy and calm deep inside, only then you will be able to handle situations calmly. as for your husband, I am not sure if I can say anything. I want to but I think I should not as it is your pe4rseonal matter which you need to resolve by talking to each other.

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