how to handle a very sensitive baby my elder baby she is of 5 years getting very sensitive day by day and also doesn't listens. when she doesn't listens I loose patience and start scolding her some times when I got hyper I slaps her this is my mistake I know but what to do how can I control my anger? how can I handle my most sensitive baby also when she doesn't listens please reply I m very tensed

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Updated on Sep 14, 2017

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When you have two children the older one exhibits such behaviour to seek attention. It is a reminder for you to pay keen attention. She is missing her exclusive time with you. So plan to spend half hour everyday exclusively to play with her. Listen to her. Understand her point of view. Make her feel special. When you scold or beat you are imparting the wrong message. So when you feel the anger rising, move away immediately from there. Go to the kitchen and have a glass of water. TAke deep breaths. And then come back to handle. This will make you calm and manage her. You have to remind yourself that you have to be very patient and supportive.

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