how to make my 5 year old daughter to have her own meals. is this the correct age for her to have her own meals . she is addicted to mobile . how do I discontinue? I am a working mother. please advise!

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Updated on Oct 22, 2019

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playing with mobile while eating is not good for her in the long run. Eating food is truly a sensory experience which perhaps can be pleasurable; and TV watching while eating interferes with the body’s natural cues about hunger and satiety. This often leads to eating with disinterest or in some cases over eating. Kids fail to notice what they’re eating as they’re focused on TV. This habit if left unchanged will get tougher to break as he grows. In a while, he is likely to refuse or fuss over food that he doesn’t like despite the TV. This is equivalent to tricking your child into eating while bribing him with TV time. Instead, you could follow some of these time-tested feeding tips. 1. Present food in an attractive way (add different coloured vegetables, cut/cook in different fun shapes, etc. ) 2. Try to cook the foods he dislikes in different ways to make them interesting to him (such as adding new flavours like with cheese or a different sauce) 3. Try changing texture of the food he doesn’t fancy 4. Offer finger foods like boiled carrot sticks once in a day, lay an attractive platter for him and allow him to eat on his own. Let him mess around if he does. Kids sometimes like to be in control. 5. Eat the same foods (that he dislikes) with him. Look interested and praise the food. Kids like to follow their parents. If he still refuses the same foods, avoid offering them to him for a few days, then try again by cooking in a different way. All the best and do keep us posted.

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