how to stop bed wedding to my son and how to avoid tearing papers and toys , how to control eating plastics clothes and pens suggest me good ideas to me

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It is common and there are thousands of children facing this. So you are not alone. 1. Please check with your pediatrician for a complete check up to rule out medically related problem. 2. If there is no medical issue then try to identify the trigger: is it because he craves for attention or is there something stressful at home or school? 3. Observe for a week the time of his bed wetting. keep alarm to wake you up at intervals to check when he has bed wet. This will help you to wake him up to empty hisbladder in between. make sure you help him to walk to the bathroom ad consciously empty the bladder. Teach him to empty till the last drop by breathing out deeply at least 3 times. While breathing out loudly the body will strain to push the last drop out. 4. Keep a poster of the urinary system in hisroom. explain to hi how the kidneys work to empty the urine. 5. Explain that the brain and kidneys work together- kidney sends message to the brain. brain sends a message back. And before hesleeps he can tell his brain to wake him up when he feels the urge (make this like a game). 6. do not restrict giving him liquids or water because of this habit. Dehydration and constipation can trigger bed wetting too. As for discipline: Create an incentive based routine to inculcate discipline and manners. Gently guidance and a calm Demeanour will help. Keep away plastic from your child. When you see your child nibbling immediately substitute with fruits or dry fruits or bread sticks or veggie sticks to chew on. Please find some handy tips here to go about inculcating discipline for your child. I hope these give you some ideas.

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