how to stop breast feeding for 2 years baby girl give me any tips or tricks

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Updated on Sep 25, 2018

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Taking baby off breast milk is called Weaning. Weaning should always be gradual and not sudden and there is no fixed rule, you can even have partial weaning with 1 Breast feed continuing. Substitute 1 feed with Formula or with some solid feed and slowly substitute another one and this way baby will be weaned off.. When introducing bottle for the first time, offer it when baby is very hungry and also choose bottle with slow flow which matches with breast milk flow. Try keeping baby occupied or busy with his favorite toy or object during the usual breast feeding time schedule, so that baby is not reminded of breast feeding. Do it very gently and lovingly" Babies are very sensitive to the first and the last feed of the day, so try not to disturb these feeds till the baby has got adjusted to the weaning off to the other feeds.

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