how to teach my five year old girl English language

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Updated on May 26, 2018

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There is no easy way. Language comes with practice. If one parent talks in English she will pick up. Watch English cartoons so that she picks up the language. Use the language liberally at home. You could also do the following- 1. Enrich her surroundings with interesting/informative books , posters or flash cards with English words. 2. You could get her to play n learn with you around activities like scrabble, board games, pictionary and so on 3. You could tell her interesting stories and also get her some simple and good story books, and co-read the story together 4. You could also get her a white wall/easel to write/scribble whatever she likes 5. Introduce new rhymes to her and sing and play along 6. Do converse in english with her as much as you can and help her pick the phonetics. Hope this helps I hope this helps. All the best and do keep us posted.

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