I am always worried about my kids whether my parenting is good or not may be because of over possessive.

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Updated on May 09, 2019

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There is no structured format for parenting. Each child is unique and parenting vary. Relax. Not your children will have their own unique personality. Concentrate on building an open communication. They should be frank with you and for this to happen you have to be attentive and listen more. Children do as we do so we ya e to be good role models. They learn by imitating us. Sharing day to day events from your side and by them is important. Have at least one meal with them- dinner would be most practical. Have rules and boundaries. It is alright to be firm about your values. Talk to them About your values and expected behaviour. Be thoughtful about their interests and encourage accordingly. Guide them to be accountable for their own actions. Guide them on expressing emotions. Children need all this from us. They may test our patience and our limits. It is natural. Don’t compare them with each other or to anyone else. Enjoy the moment. Do read this for better understanding https://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/how-engaged-are-you-with-your-children/2611

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