I am mother of twins... both are 5 years old. My sons are academically good. Now they r preparing for high school exam. one of them is very logical... he always ask questions for everything and keep on questioning until satisfied. other one calm but observers everything minutely. In school one get much exposure. So my other son become more quiet. I don't understand what to do. one thing more... one who is much more talkative become very moody and reluctant to study or do things on his own priorities. Please suggest me.

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Updated on Oct 13, 2019

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Handling twins is a complex task. I understand your concern. What is beautiful is that each one’s personality is unique and different. Hence go along accordingly. Wn outage the questioning child by guiding how to find answers. Do not give answers ready made. This is a wonderful opportunity to place books in their hands. Hang around with the quieter one. Your conversation may be less but it would be meaningful. Do not compare and do not expect them to be similar in everything because they are twins. Remember they will be naturally compared at school. It can cause stress. Hence make it a point to appreciate the differences and share that with the teachers too. It is alright to be shy or introverted. Each will blossom in their own way. Please do read this https://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/is-your-child-an-introvert/2752

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