I am travelling to India with my 6 month old daughter from US.. 1) what special things do I need to take care while I am on travel.. it's a 24 hours long journey 2)she is mostly on formula feed so how do I wash bottles between feeds, I plan to take 5 bottles but they won't be enough and I am not comfortable using airlines water. 3 )he is still not sitting so haven't introduced solid food.. is it really necessary that she should hold on support and sit for solids to start?? please suggest

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Updated on Dec 26, 2016

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it is advisable to start with solids now, as milk alone can not provide sufficient nutrition now to meet the growing baby's needs. Start introducing solids atleast a week before you travel, so that the baby is used to it. If you do this then you would not depend on milk alone. You can carry premixes, bottled water etc with you. If the baby is holding her neck, then you can support her in sitting position, while feeding her. Do read a blog on this on our website https://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/foods-tips-when-travelling-with-babies/640

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