i get most of the time annoyed on my kid when he doesn't do things why I told to him. how should I try to not get angry on my 2 year 9 months kid

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Updated on Dec 14, 2019

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From now till end of age 3,the period is called terrible twos:) or Terrific twos. Do not take it personally. She is learning to mind her own mind. She will want to be independent. Offer choices to her. I know it is tough but you have to be very patient. Her behaviour is just attention seeking. For children attention is equal to love. Every year there will be changes. She is bringing out her identity and independence. You have to be understanding and see from her perspective. She is exploring and curious. These tantrums are safe to be ignored. Only calm mindset and patient conversation will help. You have to make her understand that tantrums will not help. Though she understands she can’t help throwing tantrums because this is this is the stage. When you get angry move away from her. Go to the en t room or kitchen and come back after a few minutes. Children at this stage will change minds in seconds. Hug her and tell her that you are angry with her behaviour only and not her. She needs her share of exclusive attention. For children attention is equal to love. So make a ritual of spending exclusive 30-45 min with her. Play with her. I hope these give you some ideas.

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