I had eclampsia after delivery of my baby. During my stay at hospital my in-laws started feeding formula to my 6day old baby. After I returned doctors prescribed lots of medicine. I had C- section pain.. also had problem in breastfeeding because I couldn't sit properly, hence latching was troublesome. Somehow I struggled. My baby had both formula and breast milk till 4months. After 4 months he totally stopped taking breast milk. I tried by pumping option but wasn't successful. Now he is 6months and I have started feeding him with daal , nestum etc. Somewhere in my heart I feel the gap of not feeding him exclusively my breast milk. My question is How do I Re-latch ? I feel bad .Also I need contact of Lactation consultant. Please help me with your answers.

Created by Maya Biswas
Updated on May 24, 2019

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