I have 2 kids. Elder is daughter. And other is son. Recently my Husband went abroad. After that my daughter became so Adamant and she is not listening to my words. she is 7yrs. And she is facing difficulties in her Studies also. But son is okay with everything. I need a advice for this.

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Updated on May 18, 2019

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Yes she is very upset about her father going away. Please understand from her perspective. She is sad and upset but does not know how to express. She wants her father to be there and is angry that he has left. It is very normal. Listen to her. Allow her to express. Guide her. Talk to her. Slowly she will adapt. Help her by connecting to her dad everyday. Guide her to write letters or emails everyday to her father. Don’t get angry or upset. Remain patient and calm. She will slowly stop. All the best

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