I have a little bit confusion on the two different kind of views. As i am a mother of 10 yrs girl & 5 yrs son i dont get a single moment for my self. I stay away from home so no one is there to help me out in any way. Cooking,studying, cleaning etc each & every work & my husband in private job does't get time out. Children can't understand my pain as they r not of that age. they demand my attention each & every moment & i cannot handle all things in same time. I started getting frustrated & depressed that I can't handle everything. I am not a good mother,nor wife. I just dont feel like talking to anyone & just try to become robot. Sorry its too lengthy but i can't make it short to make u understand my situation. Everyone giving me two views... 1) think of urself ask children to spend time on their own as u r human if u r not happy u cant continue. 2) U have to do it no option. Pls help me .

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Updated on Jul 14, 2017

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Hi Smaranita De, I totally understand. Only if the parent is fine the children are fine too. Hence...

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