I have a little bit confusion on the two different kind of views. As i am a mother of 10 yrs girl & 5 yrs son i dont get a single moment for my self. I stay away from home so no one is there to help me out in any way. Cooking,studying, cleaning etc each & every work & my husband in private job does't get time out. Children can't understand my pain as they r not of that age. they demand my attention each & every moment & i cannot handle all things in same time. I started getting frustrated & depressed that I can't handle everything. I am not a good mother,nor wife. I just dont feel like talking to anyone & just try to become robot. Sorry its too lengthy but i can't make it short to make u understand my situation. Everyone giving me two views... 1) think of urself ask children to spend time on their own as u r human if u r not happy u cant continue. 2) U have to do it no option. Pls help me .

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I totally understand. Only if the parent is fine the children are fine too. Hence our wellness is very important. It looks that you are stressed and exhausted. Do you have a domestic help to do households chores? If not hire one immediately. Even it is for sweeping or cleaning vessels find one please. So I need you to sit down and take a few min for this - take a sheet of paper. Draw lines to divide into four sections. Label each as : important / urgent/ not important / not urgent. Now list out all the activities you do on another sheet of paper. Include your time on the social media like whatsapp or Facebook. Pick out the tasks from paper 2 and assign them in the respective sections. Beside them, allot the time you spend. Now you have an overview of what and how you spend your time. Once you classify the tasks , you can attend as per priority. Keep aside 20 min time exclusive for yourself. Once a month go to the parlour or a restaurant or visit friends to de stress. Practice Deep breathing. Whenever you feel pulled apart just breathe 3 times. If you can't then keep a packet of balloons and blow 3. This is equal to deep breathing. All you need is a bit of planning and prioritising. Those tasks that are not very important can be done in the weekend with your husband's help. ( when he is at home) You can involve your children in some tasks like folding clothes or putting away the vessels. Keep them near you and and get them to help. This way you will all be together. Use the time to chat and crack some jokes etc. They can help you set the table, clean up, etc. Do not feel guilty about spending 20 minutes for yourself. Hire a help to chop veggies and grind masalas. Plan your cooking- Boil Eggs, potatoes, veggies , daal in larger quantities and use them through the week. Grind masalas in larger quantities too. Take care and do keep us posted on your improvement. All the best and do keep us posted.

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