I have a son who is 9 years old and we have lost our backbone (wife & mother). I am trying my best to do all that I can however cannot provide a mothers love to my child.. It has been seen of late that my son has lost interest in studies and finds ways and means running away.. I as a father understand the huge void he feels and so does my parents however, I want to help him to live a happy life and try to give him whatever his mother could.. But at times I fail as I know and understand that a mothers love is way different and unique.. Please try and help me to help my son recover and get back to a normal routine life.. Wat can I do more for him?

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Updated on May 17, 2018

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I am so sorry for your loss. It is indeed painful. I request you not to lose hope. Yes you will have to play a dual role. Thankfully your parents are with you. Talk as much as possible to your son. Create an everyday routine of going for a walk or just playing or hanging out with your son for at least half hour after you return from work or after dinner. Initially there may be awkward silences. Gradually he will open up. Share your daily experiences. Encourage him to share his school stories. Don’t force. Listen to him carefully. Gradually talk of your loss and think of the good moments you all had. Give him time to grieve. You have to be very patient. Set a routine for all his activities. Get your parents to supervise. Allot time slots for play study etc. Break the study time into study time of 45 min and 5 min breaks. Create an incentive based system. Reward a sticker or a star when he completes his work. When he gets five stars give him a treat. All the best

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