I have a twins boy and a girl aged 3 yrs 7 months. my problem is that they refused to eat anything apart from juices tofees . I had to forcefeed them which sometimes results in vomit. my problem starts when they were 6 months old till date they don't show any interest in eating. they always have a problem of cough n congestion . my daughter got operated for adenoids but to no avail she still had series of congestion keeps food in her mouth for a longer period takes 1. 5 to 2 hrs to have few bites of roti. unable to swallow easily when she keeps food In her mouth some sound start coming from her nose which makes her difficult to eat and she usually vomits. my son always compliant of some itchiness in his throat and says something is pricking him down the throat he too keeps food in his mouth and a series of cough reflex vomit. I visited so many doctors but nothing comes out now I start a homeopathic treatment and Dr says they are born allergic taking medicines for two month but nothing significant I don't gave them any juice icecream nothing but still they had a problem of coughing don't know what to do .their long illness taking me into depression plz help me. waiting eagerly for any advice.

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Updated on Nov 17, 2016

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hi Man45in , i suggest you show them to a Pediatrician , let them be examined by your doctor and than we can decide on the cause and further course of action.

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