I have daughter of 4 years age. We see below observations and bit concerned of them. 1. She lifts her ankles while walking/running in bare foot. If she has shoe or on wet floor she walks normally. 2. She is now going to LKG. The conversation she makes is still not full. She is able recite rhymes, alphabets and numbers etc. She even sings, but she is not very fluent in talking. We think she has only limited vocabulary and sentence formation has some changes to her in making conversation. 3. Nursery school was very small one. Where they used to give more preference to day care babies. Because of this she has not learned any strokes. Now in LKG her teaches wants to write and learn each alphabet in day. Writing also she is expecting in four ruled book. Kindly let me know, whether any major concerns here.

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Updated on Aug 08, 2017

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