I have one girl child age 7 years read in class one I m from Kolkata last few months I hv seen so much changes in my child he compares & follow a child which is our neighbour her age is 4 years my girl wants to play wd them bt they kept some condition always ( one another girl which one is 8) they play with my girl & always say take any thing which they have want for playing like khilonas dupaatas bags pen. if we say no for that things she angry on us and say abuse us. she badly weeping for all in this situations. we don't understand what we have do. she also dont do daily routine like toilet lunch breakfast on time & stop all nessaciary activity for playing with them. her study also affect for all of this. I don't complain my child in front of you I only want a good suggestion for my child I always say every child is pari/ Raj Kumar of every parents. never compare herself to others because every one has kept a natural difference pls

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Updated on Nov 08, 2018

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