I have to children. A girl of five years old and a son who is 4 years old. The problem i have is that when i come to pick them up from their grandparents house they dont want to go home with me and start crying or sometimes they hide in their grandparents house. this makes me very sad. how can i solve this? i am a divorced mother and their father also lives there

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Updated on Aug 20, 2017

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Do not take it personally. I understand your concern. You have to be prepared for this situation. It is natural that the grandparents pamper them and take their side against you. Be objective. Continue to pay attention and love them unconditionally. This will stand by in the long run. you cannot force anyone to love you. You love them without expecting it in return. You will be more at peace. Take your life into your hands. Work hard. Work smart. Build your career. Hang out with friends. Take time to have fun too. Build your communication and relationship with your children. Love yourself so that you may be at peace and happy. Only then you can fill your children's live with the same. Childrne cannot think at that age that they are hurting their mother with their actions. They are minding their own mind. Think from their perspective. They are going to miss the pampering. So they hide. This is just a game for them. Play along. Coax them to come to you. When they come hug them and shower them with kissses and love.

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