I m a single mother living with my 4 years n 9 months son ...my son is not discipline as his some behaviour are not so good like he hits ,shout ,sometime use bad words as he shout in anger n he is very naughty n hyperactive child's... he gives reply back to me n others in family .he doesn't obeys n respect elders in family... because of all this he is being scolded by everyone n sometime I slapped him also for being him as disobedience child... I luv him so much .he is my life .due to my condition I m working also ...I want him to be good in all sense... I live with my father ,brother ,his wife n their 7 month daughter,family atmosphere is so so he always hits her n make her cry , for that my brother scold him badly. i feel very bad at that moment,he miss his father in his life as he was with me we he was 18month... i counsell him for these bad behabiour but everytime he does these things .somewhere he is being affected by the atmosphere .what should I do I m very possessive towards my son .I feel very bad wen I go for job n leave my son at home he is becoming very admant day by day .I m worried as a single mother . My son does so much prank n misbehave that they also behave bad to him... they even don't understand child psychology... please help me to shape my son's behaviour n make him more disciplined.

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Updated on May 07, 2017

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I totally understand. This is attention seeking behaviour. He needs his share of exclusive time with you. Spare some time hang out with him every weekend. He has to be motivated and encouraged by you. Set a routine to completed daily tasks. Reward him with small treats like a glow sticker when he completes. When he gets 7 stickers give him an extra hour of play. Can you enrol him in extra curricular classes to channelise his energy. Please read this blog and watch this expert video for some handy tips. https://www.parentune.com/parent-blog/handling-aggression-in-children/198

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