I really don't remember how it started but I think when my son (who is 10 now) was 1-2 years old I noticed that he would repeatedly not do what he was supposed to do (like wash his hands or flush the toilet) but when asked about it he would say he has done it. I would then notice or find out that he hasn't done it. I admit that at that time I used to lecture him on lying. I now am feeling that I shouldn't have done it. As time progressed he would do some little chores (like putting his used clothes in the laundry basket or picking up his toys) ONLY after I pointed out. He never shows his dissent or unwillingness to do what he has been asked to do. As parents we both felt that maybe he is made for bigger and better things and he is absent-minded with these minor things. Last couple of times when he came home from playing with a sweaty face we asked him to go wash his face. He promptly goes to the bathroom but never washes. We also noticed that nowadays he is developing short temper towards his mother and sister but never to me (his father). So our questions are: 1. When we know he has lied, should we let him know that we found out? Or should we show out trust in him and then give him time to realize that he shouldn't have lied? We don't want to catch him red-handed and make him withdraw deeper by making him feel like a criminal. At the same time we don't want him to feel that he has fooled and cheated us and that he can continue this. 2. Is his short temper towards his mother and sister a sign of passive-aggressive behavior as he is unable to say NO! to his father?

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Updated on Jun 12, 2017

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