In the growing period, a child needs both parents to help him/her to grow strong and healthy. But in my case I am a single parent as I have lost my husband 4 years ago. Due to which I am unable to deal the physical changes or desire my son is experiencing from last 2-3 years. My late husband would have been a great help to deal my son's problem but that is not possible now. My son, specially feels excited in the morning or in the afternoon. He shared his this behavior and he trying his best to not to have these feelings. I am worried that I am not able to guide him properly. Do I need to meet GYNOCOLOGIST or child Pyscologist for this matter. As I am not comfortable taking my 12 years child to a GYNOCOLOGIST at such young age. At times a child gets scared to be touched in their private areas. Please guide me how to deal this in a correct direction without harming his self esteem and mental health.

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Updated on Jan 05, 2021

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It is very normal for a 12 year old to have these feelings as his body is changing and he is now becoming an adult. If he has shared this with you, then he is very comfortable talking to you. Please do talk to him about puberty and what he should expect during puberty. If you are uncomfortable talking about it with him, do see if he is close to any male family members or neighbours that could talk to him about this. Ideally it would be good if you fell you are able to connect with him and he connects with you then you talking to him about puberty and how his body is changing will help him. There are a lot of good books available on this topic and how to address it with children. Please do read the link below. Another option is that you could also take the help of the school counsellor to explain to him the same, if you are not comfortable with this then do approach a psychologist privately to help. At this age your son will require the support and to be understood. A person he can talk to freely who can guide him without him feeling judged. Take care.

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