inspite of doc advice i am forced to do multiple travel in sixth month of pregnancy by in laws ; when i was not pregnant there were taunts and when pregnant i feel no one cares about my health... even if i die it hardly matters to them but they want me to travel ...feels sad ...girl life mattersafter marriage till she delivers irrespective if she is happy or not in pregnancy their wishes should be fulfilled.... no one caare what i wish... is this worldlike that only ...women fails to understand women.... is it wrong in indian society to stay stubborn when you know your mind dont agree....

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Updated on Sep 16, 2016

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hi , you think positive as this negative thought will make u unwell and may also affect your child . i would suggest go to your mom's place away from stress of inlays deliver your child and come back after 3 months of delivery when you are mentally physically recovered . you may also discuss the same with your husband , make him your partner of sorrow , share with him what you feel may be he will be able to do something to make you happy . Simply enjoy your pregnancy without thinking about what others have to say and think.

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