kindly share some ideas or suggestion to improve his speaking skill.

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How can I help my shy child?

Shyness is a personality trait and not a disorder. A child who is considered shy can be highly sensitive and very aware of his/her environment; and to some other people, it may seem as if they are very absorbed in their own ideas and less interested in social interaction. Such differences in personalities are usually taken as a negative trait by adults. As Steven Rudolph, American Educationist, pointed out, "Do not push your child to be an engineer or a doctor if he/she doesn't have an inclination for it. Remember an apple tree planted in Kerala will not flourish as it is a wrong environment for it." To understand more about shyness in children, read this blog - My child is shy - what do i do?

Is your child shy?

If your child seems happy overall, if s/he seems to be at peace, if s/he makes eye contact and is nice to be around – then even if s/he speaks little, this is just the way s/he is. If the child seems more troubled and withdrawn, refuses to speak when spoken to, or doesn't even make eye contact, it is worth investigating further. To understand more about shyness in children, read this blog - My child is shy - what do i do?

My child does not make friends

Take your child to the park every day; talk to children you meet there, talk to parents and grandparents. Don't force your child to greet or talk to them. Let your child observe. S/he would sooner or later come around. The more you would nag him/her or scold him/her for not mingling with others, the more adamant s/he would become. To understand more about shyness in children, read this blog - My child is shy - what do i do?

Note: Please check for allergies in your child and his/her medical condition. Please consult with the Doctor in person for physical examination and treatment.

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