mam मेरी बेटी 3 मंथ की है और हमारा दूध पीती ह लेकिन अब हमारे दूध से उसका पेट नही भर रहा और वो बहोत वीक है उसे कौन सा फार्मूला मिल्क दे plz सजेस्ट करे

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mam my daughter is of 3 months and we drink our milk but now our milk is not filled with her stomach and she is very wet, what formula she should give milk to plz

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Updated on Sep 05, 2018

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Ideally you should only breastfeed the baby for first six months. Only if you are unable to lactate sufficiently, you may start with a top feed. There are many good brands of formula milk like farex, similac, lactogen, nan pro, aptamil etc., you may choose any. I hope this helps.

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