mera beta 18 month ka hai use khane mai kya dena chahiye

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mera beta 18 month ka hai use khane mai kya dena chahiye

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Updated on Sep 02, 2018

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At this age your baby should be taking 3-4 milk feeds and 3-4 solid feeds (3/4 cup in each feed). Keep a gap between solid and milk feeds, offer solid feed only after a 2-3 hours of milk feed, Try giving more of finger foods, same foods as the rest of the family is eating and encourage self feeding as babies enjoy it. Include finger foods, like, sandwiches cut in different sizes, made with whole wheat Bread, cheese/paneer or veggie sticks or prepare omelet or pancake/paratha with different variations and cut it into different shapes with biscuit cutter. Offer milk as milk shake, smoothie with many varieties of fruits and veggies. Try to serve foods in an attractive manner. Be patient and offer small amounts in every feed. Avoid giving too many liquid calories like juices. Keep a gap between liquid and solid feeds. Look for the signs to know when your baby is hungry and feed accordingly,

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