Mera beta Piyush bahut Jiddi hai or kisi ki nhi sunta Kya karu

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Mera beta Piyush bahut Jiddi hai or kisi ki nhi sunta Kya karu

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Updated on Jul 27, 2017

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Tantrums occur because he does not know to express in any other way. Be observant and understand when he throws or why. Mostly it is when they are tired, cranky or hungry. He is also growing to mind his own mind. So he wants to exercise his independence. He wants choices. So you can offer limited choices - do you want to do this now or after half hour? Do you want me to remind you or will you do it. Do you want carrot or cauliflower etc. Bathe now or in 15 minutes? When the tantrum occurs : 1. Ignore. Be nearby to see that he is safe. 2. Give him the space to vent out. 3. Comeback to him when he is clam and explain - label his emotion. I know you were angry because .... it is ok to be .... but Not ok to.... next time... 4. Hug him. I know it would be nerve racking but hugs work wonders. If he moves off allow him. Hug him later. 5. If you catch him throwing things or hitting out , remove him immediately from the scene. 6. Distract him. 7. Be appreciative of positive behaviour So not punish or scold when he is having a meltdown. You have to go down to his eye level and talk calmly. So to remain calm you need to move away from the room and comeback later to address him. Look at the behaviour. Tell him you are upset only by his behaviour and not with him. Be supportive and understanding. Teach him to listen to a No. 8. It could be attention seeking so are you paying quality attention? Do read this for better understanding

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