meri beti 5 saal ki hai kuch khati nhi bs dudh piti hai

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meri beti 5 saal ki hai kuch khati nhi bs dudh piti hai

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Updated on Sep 07, 2018

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Kids at this age become very fussy and picky eater. They need variety in food and they want food in an attractive way. Also they prefer small meals not full plate of roti, sabji, dal, rice. Give them small nutrient dense 5-6 meals in a snack form in a day. Offer more of finger foods, which can be mainly sandwiches cut in different sizes, made with whole wheat Bread, cheese/paneer or veggie sticks or prepare omelet or paratha with different variations, like mix of ragi, jowar, Bajra, wheat or dal atta etc.and cut it into different shapes with biscuit cutter. Offer milk as milk shake, smoothie with many varieties of fruits and veggies. Avoid giving too many liquid calories like juices. Keep a gap between liquid and solid feeds. Look for the signs to know when he is hungry and feed accordingly, Lastly do not force feed your baby and let your baby decide when and how much he should be eating.

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