Meri beti 5 years ki hai or vo food properly nhi leti.. weakness bhi bhot hai..

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Meri beti 5 years ki hai or vo food properly nhi leti.. weakness bhi bhot hai..

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Updated on Aug 30, 2018

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At this age kids do show food tantrums and become picky or choosy eaters. To bring back the appetite, offer variety, offer foods in attractive form. and serve in attractive manner. Try finding out what is baby's favourite food and prepare most of your foods around that particular food. Like if she likes bread then give breads in various ways and forms, as pancake, as egg omelet, as veg cutlets, as coloured sandwiches. etc. Offer small frequent meals and do not force-feed the baby. Involve baby while you are in the kitchen, try talking to her about food and its relation to good health, beautiful hair and skin and also its relation to brain development. Give her small activities like laying the table, putting plates out, decorating a salad dish so that she gets interested in food.

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