my 3. 5 year old daughter doesnt talk even a single word at play school / school (she is going to same school for 1 year). The teachers think that she hasn't learnt to speak yet. Her progress / learning at school is ok- she has been a keen observer in school and reflects whatever was taught at school. however, she talks non stop at home and even talks to strangers as well in our presence. She has good command over her language, so it is least like to be her problem. We feel it could be either because she wants be with her mom always & not talking could be her way of showing protest (or) because she might be afraid of someone/ environment in school. But, the school teachers are co-operative and she likes all of them - she even likes to talk to them over phone. she also is friends with a few kids and likes them. so, we are totally confused on her weird behavior. any advice or guidance is much appreciated.

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Updated on May 28, 2017

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Hi Karthik G, She may be basically a shy person. she is good with receptive language and has few fri...

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