My 3. 5 yr old daughter is 11 kg presently. Her weight alhas always been on a lower side since birth, birth weight was 2. 33kg. While her low birth weight is not an concern to us since she is super active child however the problems are following 01. She is absolutely a fussy eater. Eating is the last thing she would do,. We need to feed her, she does not eat herself. While eating we need to divert her into some activity. Eating is a big task where she just cannot sit at one place and finish in one go. It takes hours to finish a smaal item. She does not even take 2 proper meals. She does not like anything except plain chapati or plain rice. 2. Whenever thirsty or hungry she puts her 2 finger in mouth. She still uses bottle for taking milk ( on avg 120 ml 4 times) since her food intake is absolutely low. We are concerned on her nutritional deficiency. 3. She is absolutely sutboen child and does exactly absolutely to what you say. She is happy troubling everyone. Many times she is so engrossed in her playing that she does not hear what you say to you. She doesn't not listen to anything u say. Making her drink a sip of water or morsel of food is a challenge to anyone. 04. She takes time to mingle with other kids, she always needs her mom or dad around her. Also at times of play. She cries if any of then are not around her. We think we require some expert help to tackle and correct the above situation. We have tried all we could - explaining kid by proper reasoning, shouting, fighting, etc.. Nothing has helped till now. We are really worried and helpless currently. Need your expert advise on what should we do next.

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Hope you are doing well. Firstly calm down :) Children are greatly influenced by the atmosphere around.So a child would always learn from what is happening in front of her or him.Hence always avoid discussions,differences,important talks in front of your child.Many a times children do such things to grab attention from their parents or grandparents.Sit down with her and spend time with her be it you or your husband.If she does something do not be quick enough to scold her.Play with her and feed her food while she is playing.Feed her foods which she likes in a different manner always.To explain the need to a have a good diet or nutrition make a chart and stick it on the wall and show it to her everyday.Explain the benefit of each and every fruit and food to her whenever she is playing.Encourage her to draw fruits,vegetables or foods she likes.Eat when she is supposed to eat.So sit down with her and eat with her,avoid feeding her separately.While you must keep her guarded and protect her,allow her to open up or play with other children.Teach her that you must share and care for everyone.Your child is still small to understand the nuances of everything,give her time and allow her to process good things.Show her good movies,series,poems so that she learns from it. All the best :)

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