My 3 year old daughter has become very stubborn and adamant on drinking milk only from a bottle. However, she drinks water, juice and other things from a glass barring milk. She frequently falls ill and I am feeling frustrated as her school teachers are unhappy about her leaves at the start of the school tenure. Any ideas to help me out here is most welcome. Please help !!!

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Updated on Aug 07, 2015

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You will have to be patient with your daughter. The more you restrict her bottle feed, the more adamant she is becoming. Leave her for a while. However, it would be good, if you and other family could take milk in front of her, from the glass. If she has a sibling, again seeing him/her, drink milk from the glass would help. The same if can be shown from her peers/friends would again encourage her to drink form the glass. To boost your child's immunity, here are few suggestions Make sure she is taking ample good quality proteins from eggs,meat,poultry, cheese, paneer, soybean (nuggets, soymilk, tofu) whole dals etc. Nuts like walnut,almonds, dried fruits and seed (flaxseed, sesame) Amla, green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits. Hope it helps.

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