My 5 year old son is in Kg and recently he has reduced interest in writing in class. He was fine up until 4-5 months back. Now he doesn't finish his c. w and sometimes the whole page is empty. He has always been an over active kid and has had difficulty sitting in one place for long or focusing on one thing. Now if he sits with me he completes work but not in class. You have to keep reminding him to focus. He is intelligent, knows stuff and pretty smart otherwise. But when it comes to writing, he is no good. Gets bored with it easily. Cuz of all this his result also effected badly , he was just average. Please help and guide as to how I can improve upon him, I am really worried about him. Lot of people say he will be fine , giveit time but I am scared that he might lag behind. Thanks Poonam

Created by Poonam Kumar
Updated on Dec 16, 2015

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