my 5 yrs old mreld son, may answer the questions with my little help, now what is my question i was teach the moral short stories with 2 or 3 times, he may know the concepts of story, repeatedly he asking the same story even though he already known, when i skip into another he won't accept with adamant. so that i stopped to say moral stories. next question is he do the action like taking two finger to act as eating posture, what are you doing i ask, he say am eating burger, in a day he act at least 5 to 10 times.. from the past of 4 months am giving neuro medicines for his mild autistic features.. his cognitive level is OK. now my son is going to (previous year he studied lkg in special school)lkg in tamilnadu matric school, he can read basic phonics and write basic words like cat, mat, pot etc. , number 1 to 100, he can say descending order also.. Tamil அ-ஃ , க் - ன், க- ன. he can write above in Tamil language. speech wise wants more improvements. pls experts advice and specialized (special) moms advice's are most welcome. thanks to share yours advice in advance..

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Children love repetition. It is very common among them hence his desire to have you repeat a story. In fact take it positively. You don’t need to have a big collection nor you need to make up stories. All you have to do is repeat. It may be boring for you but it isn’t for him. So is it not easy work for you? I hope you are giving the medicines on docto’s advice. Regarding improving speech kindly follow the advice of his doctor. He may take time so all you need is to be patient, encouraging and supportive. Keep talking to him. Forllow a routine. Children in the autism spectrum require a strict routine. Routine makes life easier for them. Or else a confusion can make it chaotic. Please understand that the excecutice function of the brain is impaired ( in his case very mild as you say). So routine will help. Take care.

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