my 5yrs old son from a age he had the habit of wetting his pants... we did all we can do atlast we did circumcision(he had lengthy skin)so Dr told we will just do this procedure ...bcoz the urine may accumulating in this skin..... after the procedure it was fine ...I was relieved but after a week he again started... HE is in ukg. i tried even writing to teachers.... but in the afternoon when he comes back from school his shorts are wet.... it becomes embarrassing.. I tried giving him punishment. but no use.. when he goes out ,when I am not with him I am forced to put diapers. please help me... or suggest me some good ideas to tackle this problem

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Till the age of ten many children carry on with this habit. It is not his fault at all. I understand your worry. Please do read this blog with some handy tips on helping your child. Remember it is a temporary problem. Be supportive. Do not nag or scold. Keep a poster of the urinary system in his room. Explain to him how the kidneys work to empty the urine. Explain that the brain and kidneys work together- kidney sends message to the brain. Brain sends a message back. So before he sleeps he can tell his brain to wake him up when he feels the urge (make this like a game). Before he goes to sleep -Teach him to empty till the last drop by breathing out deeply at least 3 times. While breathing out loudly the body will strain to push the last drop out. Do not restrict giving himliquids or water because of this habit. Dehydration and constipation can trigger bed wetting too. Make sure the bed has a waterproof mattress cover. Lay fresh pajamas/ nightwear by your little one's bed for a quick change in the middle of the night. If your child sleeps through the night in a wet bed, you might also want to ask him to help change the sheets in the morning -- doing so can help him take responsibility for the bedwetting. Even if the child isn't wetting the bed on purpose, he is still aware of his accidents when he wakes up. Helping change the sheets can make him feel part of the solution rather than the problem. Then relax and be patient: This phase won't last forever. In almost all cases, children outgrow bedwetting. All the best and do keep us posted.

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