my baby is 1 and 10 months old he is very addiect to my phone and rhythms in it... if dnt gv him phone he become cranky and thow objects ans bit everyone near him... even cnt it food wthout dis chuchu tv... what shud i do to remove his habit.. and hw cn i make him enagage in other activities.. MY second ques is he has habit of bitting every one specialy his cousin she is jst 10 months old.. he no longer make her sit place always kick her or slap her.. push her. although he love her alot sum times he take care like he tell tht she is crying or wake up .. kisses her and get super happy after seeing her... but more than tht he bits her.... cn plz help me in this problem... am in big trouble.. dnt knw hw to convey him to bit her sister

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