my baby is 5 months old today and i breast feed and bottke feed her ...i bottle feed her in the morning and night time and in between i breast feed her.... but im worried now that she likes to suck more from my left breast not both sides and the right breast the milk is not coming out when i squeeze just one drop only it comes out...... what to do to increase milk supply on my right breast baby is 5 months old today

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Updated on Sep 06, 2021

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I hope you are well. You can use a breast pump to try and stimulate breast production. Also, light massaging and warm water fomentation work well. You can add these foods to the diet. -Whole grains -Garlic -Green leafy veggies -Ginger -Fenugreek seeds or methi -Nuts and seeds -Oats -Barley -Fennel seeds (Saunf) -Cumin seeds -Star anise seeds (badiyan ka phool) -Sesame seeds -Turmeric -Drumsticks -Carrots -Black sesame seeds -Salmon fish -Sweet potato -basil or tulsi

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