My baby is 6 months. my b milk is stopped. coming out. she is not taking anything. I tried apple juice banana kichdi custard dal ka pani and many more items.. i always give two items per day. she is not taking anything she only having top feeeding. what should I do. Even my breast feed is stopped. I tried alot but it stopped automatically. Pls suggest me what to do. she don't take with spoon. now I feed her in bottle. suggest me what to do.

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Updated on Aug 02, 2016

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milk production or lactation is also dependent on sucking by the baby. The more the baby feeds, the more the milk is produced. Breast have to be emptied for more lactation. For the time being you can express the milk either by clean hands or by using a breast pump. This can be fed to the baby with sterilised katori and spoon. To increase milk production, you need to both relax and take care of diet to help in lactation. Few suggestions are take a balanced diet of cereals (esp dalia, bajra), green leafy vegetables (esp methi, mustard leaves), dals & legumes (masoor. black channa, soybean), fruits, milk products, eggs fish & poultry. Do take almonds, cashew, walnuts, sesame seeds, flaxseeds, dates, raisins, cumin seeds, methi seeds, ajwain, dried ginger, gaund, jaggery etc. You should also take ample fluids in the form of lukewarm water, zeera water, soups, buttermilk, egg nog, milk etc. You may also read a blog for this on our website, link is given Introduce one new food at a time, let the child accept it and gets used to it for few days. Introduce another new food only after a week. Do not introduce new foods back to back, it may confuse the child and would lower her acceptance. Try and keep the consistency thin to semi solid, depending on child's preference and swallowing/chewing capacity. If there is need to give top feed,you can gradually start with top feed. Start by replacing one of your feeds with top feed. You can start with a lesser amount of 50 ml or so and then gradually increase the amounts according to child's acceptance

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