my both child learn but they don't remember long time

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Updated on Nov 07, 2017

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Pls read this blog - Try any of these concentration techniques: 1. Ask him to circle the letter 'e' from a passage. 2. If he likes to listen to music, play an instrumental piece and ask him to listen the non dominant instrument. 3. Doing a puzzle/ scrabble/ crossword. 4. Colouring/painitng 5. Spotting differences in pictures. While sitting to study allow him to study in chunks of 25minutes, break for 5minute, study for 25minute and then break for 5 min. During the 5 min break he can walk out to balcony ,get fresh air, or stretch. During longer breaks he can do one of the above techniques. I hope these give you some ideas. I hope this helps.

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