my child does not want to study every time we sit down it turns into a screaming match between the two of us and end with me yelling at her or beating her. the reason being her class work is never completed I have tried being polite loving and lastly resorted to beating also nothing works nothing seems to motivate her she is 10and am sure will loose this year as in she will have to repeat this year lately I have stopped asking her to study but even that has not helped Please help me I am a teacher myself

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Updated on Jan 01, 2018

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Please read the blog: She is a teenager. So it is a period of storm and areas for her too. She is both a child and adult. Do not confront. Deal with her as you would deal with a friend. Use humour. When she wants to sulk allow her to sulk. When she wants to talk allow her to talk. Go along with her. You cannot expect her to be controlled or show gratitude at this age. Hang out with her. Enjoy her individuality. Be there as a support. Go out for walks or car rides during the weekend. Chat causally. It is important that she knows you are there for her in spite of her mood swings. When she is upset walk out of the room. Come back to her later and talk adult to adult - tell her you are not upset with her; but you were upset with her behaviour. Use a calm and neutral tone. So you have to rehearse mentally before talking. It her phase of being melodramatic and not yours. She may talk of things that will shock you too. It is ok. Listen listen and listen. Often they just want that.

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