my child is 24 days old and he is is having problem in taking feed how to move him for breast feed?.. now I am pumping and feeding him. and gives him formula milk too.

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Updated on Jul 05, 2016

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you have to help your baby in latching which means that the baby should be able to take in the entire nipple, along with maximum of aerola (dark) region in his mouth. You may hold your nipple between your fingers and help the baby to take it in mouth. You can take help of lactation expert in hospital for this too. you need to check the flow of your milk. If it is less, you take care of your diet. You should also feed on both the sides for equal duration, that is 10 minutes at one side and another 10 minutes on the other side. If the milk flow is good, 20-25 minutes would be sufficient. Milk production or lactation is also dependent on sucking by the baby. The more the baby feeds, the more the milk is produced. Breast have to be emptied for more lactation. For the time being you can express the milk either by clean hands or by using a breast pump. This can be fed to the baby with sterilised katori and spoon.

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