My child is 3yrs 2 month old. She has been going to school from Jun and was enjoying it until recently when she is just avoiding to go to school. After getting up in the morning she first asks whether today is Saturday or Sunday and if no then she starts crying saying she doesn't wants to go to school.. I have tried asking about the problem if any but she doesn't says anything specific. please help.

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and you for the first time and that could be very hard for the little one, especially in the beginning. A feeling of fear and anxiety is natural. And this anxiety—referred to as separation anxiety—manifests itself as tears, and sometimes loud wailing, and a child would do everything possible to avoid going through it. This can be a very difficult and tedious situation for a parent to deal with. Your child is going through separation anxiety perhaps, but I am not too sure given the information I have. The second reason could be that she is not liking the school environment, and she hasn't made friends there as yet. Here are a few things which may help - 1. Prepare her, and share with her how it is important to go to school. Education is a must for every child. Speak about it every day and somewhere gradually, she will understand you in time and this shall help her see another perspective to this temporary separation from you. 2. Get her books that has stories about schools, fun at school, games at schools and so on. This shall help reduce the feeling of alienation in her. Pick picture books if possible. 3. Help her make friends at school, organize a few playdates with her classmates at each other's homes, and help her mingle with children from her class. That can be magical at times. 4. Get everyone to start speaking about school and how it is such an awesome place to go. Ask family/ grandparents to talk about their schools and what fun they had at school, how many friends they made and all-in-all what a beautiful time they had when they were at school—away from home! 5. Get her to bond with her teacher/s. Take her teachers into confidence and brief them about your child's nature and behaviour. 6. Ensure that your child learns to let go off you all the time, even at home, and becomes less clingy. A habit to be with the parents always, also triggers anxiety separation in a big way. 7. After school,I suggest you to talk to your child and ask for an account of the day in school. Sometimes child is not willing to talk about school, so you can use indirect ways to ask about the same. For eg: Show her some age-appropriate books and then ask, ‘Oh! Is this game played in your school too? 8. Time too plays a major role here just like in the other phases of life. It also helps the child get adjusted. Most importantly, persist and be patient, do not give up. Also, please read this blog for some more handy tips.

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