my child is 6 yrs old. I am facing the following problems 1. he does not listen to anybody and does what he wants to.. for eg. he is very loud and makes noises while playing, we ask him to stop but then he repeats it. we ask him to sit at one place but he just can not 2. he cries uncontrollably and on irrelevant things. 3. throws tantrums in wearing clothes or eating 4. at times he behaves in a very unsocial manner with family members and me as well like why u have touched my things, or go away from me but not always. and with outsiders he is a bit shy 5. in studies he is good though 6. he has a younger, 2 yr old brother. his behaviour with him is also not good. he doesn't share toys as he thinks he will break them, hits him at times when I make him understand he says I won't repeat again but then he does the same. pls help me

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Updated on Dec 13, 2020

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Your child's behaviour may be the cause of some stress that he is having. He may not be able to express his feelings and this may be causing the above behaviours. Also you said that he has a younger brother. Usually, children at this age do get jealous with younger siblings which can cause such behaviours. What you can do as a parent is connect with him, by praising all his positive behaviours. Consciously give him hugs and tell him you love him. In a day keep some time aside where you are only playing with him or reading to him or doing some activities together. Just you and him without his younger brother. Spend quality time with him, where your full attention is on him. Do not scream or shout at him. Redirect his behaviour by telling him what to do instead of what not to do. Help him understand his feelings, by talking about them. Show him a feelings chart with different emojis per feeling and ask him what feeling he is feeling. You can also talk to him about your feelings. Also I would suggest that please do seek professional help from a counsellor who will be able to assess him for any other issues. Sometimes, some concerns and issues can be hidden and this may manifest in behaviours where the child is screaming, crying and showing unacceptable behaviour.

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