my child is 6years old but her weight is 16 and height is very less so what I can do to increase her weight and height

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Updated on Apr 18, 2018

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You can try following tips: SERVE small and frequent meals, as the child can't eat too much in one time. 1) Include variety in diet - Variety of cereal, protein foods, fruits and vegetables and fats 2) Try including at least 2- 3 snacks and 3 main meals in the day 3) Calorie dense foods like fruit milk shake with nuts mix ( blend of nuts - you can make it using a mixer) or full fat yogurt with fruits and nuts and cereals - such complete meals can be served as snacks. 4) Fruits like mango, litchi, chickoo, grapes and banana can be included more often 5) You can serve patato, sweetpatato fries with calorie dense cheese dip/ hummus dip 6) Try including more protein foods like eggs, chicken, meat , fish , dal etc 7) You can add cheese to foods to make it calorie dense like cheese and veg pasta, roti pizza with veggies and cheese, cheese paneer sandwich etc 8) Try experimenting with vegetables. If the child doesn't like them cooked, try serving them as salads, stir fries, pao bhaji etc 9)Make paneer and vegetable skewers and serve with some nice dip as snack 10)Blend cooked egg/ egg yolk with mashed patatoes , sauces or any other food item. 11) Include combination foods like dal-rice- vegetables- fat in one dish like khichdi or fruit shakes ( whole milk-fruit- dry fruits etc) Hope these tips will help!

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